EMT has been a leading small business in the evaluation field for over 30 years. We have conducted over ten national, multi-site evaluation projects and over 150 policy and program evaluations at the state and local level.

What are your evaluation needs? Here are some of the evaluation project tasks that EMT can do in collaboration with your organization:

  • Guide program staff in developing a program theory and logic model for a new program or for an existing program
  • Identify appropriate evidence-based standardized instruments for assessment of program outcomes
  • Design feasible ways to measure program fidelity
  • Help programs measure and document evidence-based practices in feasible, affordable ways
  • Help programs measure and document client characteristics, program services, and program outcomes in feasible, affordable ways
  • Design various data collection tools including online surveys, client satisfaction surveys, interviews, focus groups, and protocols for observational measures
  • Produce brief reports on client characteristics, program services, program fidelity, and program outcomes
  • Design and carry out pilot studies for new practices or programs
  • Design and carry out short-term or ongoing program evaluation
  • Design management information or client tracking systems using computerized databases

Would you like to know more about EMT's evaluation capabilities? Click on the link below to download a paper that presents in detail our understanding of and approach to evaluation.

EMT Approach to Evaluation Projects [PDF Download]

For additional information, please contact EMT at either:
Northern CA Office: (916) 983-6680
Southern CA Office: (818) 841-1778

Or email us at info@emt.org