Education, Early Childhood Development, Youth Development, and Mentoring

EMT has an extensive track record in conducting evaluation, technical assistance, and training projects in the fields of education, early childhood development, youth development, and mentoring. Projects in these fields span the Federal, state and local levels. We have conducted numerous local evaluations of Department of Education initiative grantees including Safe Schools/ Healthy Students, 21st Century Schools, and local education agency (LEA) programs funded by state Safe and Drug-Free Schools grants and Mentoring grants. We have worked extensively with state education agencies (SEAs), LEAs, and building personnel in our role as contractor for Department of Education projects such as the Center for State Data Support, the recent Uniform Data Set for UMIRS data project, and the Mentoring Resource Center. In short, we have thorough familiarity and experience with evaluation, technical assistance, and training needs across these related fields.

EMT has long held a strong commitment to conducting research on services that benefit children and youth, and on applying evidence-based practices supported by that research in settings that serve youth. This commitment to youth services has been consistent across our work with multiple agencies at the Federal, state and local levels. These agencies include education, public health, prevention and youth development, juvenile justice, social-emotional health, and child protective services. This focus across multiple agencies impacting youth allows us to bring a comprehensive and distinct perspective to issues such as school safety, school climate, the contributions of social-emotional to academic achievement, and the role of family in supporting educational achievement.

Please click on the links below to read more about a few of the important projects EMT has conducted in the field of education, early child development, youth development, and mentoring.