Technical Assistance and Training

Developing and managing a technical assistance (TA) and training project requires a distinct set of skills, resources and management procedures. EMT’s track record in conducting TA and training projects is extensive, having managed more than 30 statewide and national TA projects over the past 30 years. Across these projects, EMT has provided in excess of 5,000 TA trainings, workshops or individual consultations.

How can EMT’s background and experience be applied to your technical assistance and training project needs? Here are some key project tasks that we can provide for your organization or initiative:

  • Administer large-scale training conferences that bring together project sponsors and program-level staff
  • Administer program or agency-level training sessions on topics of interest
  • Conduct webinars that make training sessions available to participants without incurring travel expenses
  • Develop and deploying online training programs offering self-paced interactive training modules
  • Develop and disseminate informational publications such as newsletters, case studies with "lessons learned" content, research briefing papers, bulletins and technical reports
  • Respond to individual program-level requests for technical assistance to address specific issues
  • Develop and maintain a project website that promotes training opportunities, provides access to informational resources, serves as a portal to self-paced online training courses, and encourages the TA and training client community to submit individual requests for assistance

Do you want to learn more about EMT’s capabilities in this service area? Click on the link below to download a paper that explains in detail our understanding and approach to technical assistance and training projects.

EMT Approach to Technical Assistance and Training Projects [PDF Download]

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